About Norma O. Walker

The Early Years.

Norma was born in Las Animas, Colorado in 1928 to Norman and Esther (Ohlson) Olssen – a Scandinavian through and through.

Norma and her brother, David, and their parents lived out in the county.  She played with her cat and her dog, Tippy, in addition to playing “school” by writing on a big metal barrel with chalk.  The latter was a foreshadowing of her years as a 1st grade teacher.  It dust was everywhere, even though they lived near the Arkansas River, and they both experienced wearing a mask to school to keep out the dust during dust storms.  In other words, it was DUSTY.


By the age of 13, she was 5’8″ and with beautiful red hair, she certainly stood out in a crowd!  In the below photo, she’s on the left.  Her brother, David (called Sonney) was 6’4″, ( in the photo, he has his arm around their mother) so it seems to run in the family.


at Uncle Petes